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*throws flower petals at you* be my friend

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If you wanna be my lover, please do not get with my friends.

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❂ visit my tumblr ❂


❂ visit my tumblr 

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Tree spirits.

Holy crap



Tree spirits.

Holy crap

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Island Kitten Befriends Animal Photographer

Animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago was visited by a little ginger kitten when he was filming on the island of Okinawa. This little island dweller like many others are taken care of by the locals. Many cat lovers and photographers come to this island to visit their furry kitty friends.

This ginger kitten went up to the photographer and climbed on his head in the midst of the filming. Mitsuaki was happy to have a little helper on his shoulder, inspiring him as he went on with his creative production.

By the end of the day, the little island kitty fell asleep in his lap. It’s clear that he had made the photographer his new friend.

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Women against feminism are basically just arguing that their individual lives are fine and they don’t care about what other women go through.

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Oh my…


Oh my…

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